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Common Areas Homeowners Overlook When Spring Cleaning

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Every year when spring comes around, you probably have every intention of doing a "deep" spring cleaning inside your home. But most years your intentions may stop at certain jobs that never get accomplished. This year why not try to include common areas homeowners overlook when spring cleaning their homes?

Before you attack any spring cleaning jobs that require a ladder, safety should be your first consideration. It's always a good idea to have someone holding the ladder no matter how experienced you are on top of one. If you don't have a helper, use the belly button rule: Don't let yours go beyond the sides of your ladder, and you won't over-reach and tip off.

  1. Ceilings and walls: Dust into all corners of ceilings and down the walls where cobwebs form, including light fixtures, ceiling fans or smoke detector covers. If your detector is battery operated, this is a good time to replace the batteries.

  2. Air vents: Any filters should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. What people often overlook when spring cleaning are the outside vents. Check to see if you can unscrew your outer covering to make the job easier.

  3. Doors: Use a damp cloth and wash any ledges on the front and back, including the door jams and hardware.

  4. Windows: Clean any tracks between the windows and screens. Don't forget to wash the window frame along with the glass front and back. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to evaluate your windows for safety and replace any broken locks.

  5. Cupboards and shelving: Remove any finger marks or food debris from the front of cupboards in every room. Don't forget the tops of books or other items that have been sitting on shelves untouched.

  6. Utility rooms: One of the most common areas homeowners overlook when spring cleaning is behind their washers and driers. Lint can easily escape a poorly connected dryer filter hose and build up against the wall, causing a fire hazard. Don't forget to clean the tops and inside of all your appliances, including inside your toaster, to keep them operating efficiently.

  7. Move the furniture: Vacuuming furniture is a regular cleaning job; but while you are at it, be sure that every piece of furniture in a room is moved, dusted behind, and any under-carpeting is vacuumed. You will be amazed what you find under the sofa and between cushions! This may be a good time to reassess where you place certain pieces of furniture for safety concerns. Is it wise to position your child's bed right beside a first-floor window?

  8. Window coverings: All draperies, curtains, blinds or any type of window covering should be removed in the spring and thoroughly washed or dry-cleaned. Take this time to evaluate the length of any drapery cords for safety issues, should you have young children.

  9. Baseboards: Washing hardwood floors and vacuuming are regular chores, but how often do you wash your baseboards? This year give them a solid spring cleaning by hand using a brush if necessary. This job requires that you get down on your hands and knees and is probably why baseboards are common areas homeowners overlook when spring cleaning.

  10. Trash cans: Evaluate them for cleanliness and sanitation. If you haven't cleaned yours out in over a year, put it on your list. Plastic ones can be easily cleaned outside with a hose and soap product.

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