About the Home Insurance Claims Process

Loss Reporting
In the event that you have a claim to report please call us at 1-866-621-4823 and follow the menu prompts for Claims.

Once you have reported a claim we will contact you and provide additional information regarding your claim and the claim process.

Emergency Repairs
Some claims may require immediate emergency repairs. When you have Property Insurance from Homesite, we'll be there to assist you in initiating the necessary repairs to make your home livable, and or to help reduce the possibility of further damages. As a homeowner it is your duty to protect your property before, during, and after a loss. If you are unsure as to what steps should be taken, call Homesite's experienced claims staff for advice. Save any receipts for charges you may incur for protecting your property, as these charges may be covered. Above all else, do not take action to protect property that may endanger your well being. This should be done by qualified professionals.

Temporary Living
Homesite wants you and your family to be safe and secure. In case of a major loss, where your home has suffered significant damage and has been deemed unlivable due to a covered loss, we will assist you in finding temporary living. We can help you locate a place for your family and make the necessary payment arrangements.

Contact and Communication
Communication is key to any successful relationship. It is our goal to have a Claims Associate contact you as soon as possible – usually within 24 hours of the reporting of your loss. At that time, a Claim Associate will provide you with all the necessary contact information to converse with them throughout the claims process.

Claim Information
Our Claims Associate will provide you with the tools needed to complete an inventory of your loss. Based on your situation the claims associate may send you a packet of information that helps you understand the claims process better, while providing Homesite with the information needed to process your claim efficiently and effectively. We will do our best to customize our claims handling process to accommodate your specific needs.

Homeowners Insurance Profile
Because we understand the important investment you have in your home, we will take every opportunity to keep your policy information up to date. If you do have a claim we will use this opportunity to update your current Insurance Profile.

All losses require an investigation to determine if we are allocating all applicable coverage to your loss. The extent and type of investigation is determined by many factors, and will be explained to you at the onset of the investigation stage.

Many claims require an inspection to properly investigate and assess the damage or loss. Whether or not an inspection is required will be determined when you report a loss, or during the initial contact with the Claim Associate. If an inspection is required, you will be contacted by one of our Staff Field Adjusters or one of our Partner Field Adjusters to set up an appointment to inspect the damages. We invite you to have your contractor(s) present during this inspection.

Many losses involve physical damage to your home or related structures. An accurate damage assessment is a critical step in the claims process. This assessment can be performed either by one of our Field Adjusters or an Internal Claim Associate. In some cases there may be additional damage which was not initially identified. Such cases will be examined and resolved as they arise even if noted after the original settlement.

Loss Settlement
Your loss settlement will occur as soon as the investigation and the damage assessment have been completed. This is the time when we issue checks and complete the final reports. The length of time it takes – from the initial reporting of a loss to the settlement – relies heavily upon what type of loss you have sustained. Some losses can be settled within hours but most claims are settled within 30 days. Loss settlements are designed to act as resolutions to your claim. If additional covered items are later identified, they may still be taken into account.

Subrogation refers to the process an insurance company uses to seek reimbursement from the responsible party for a claim it has already paid.

For example, you have a covered loss in which we make a payment, but another party is actually responsible for all or part of the damages. (i.e. damage to your home was caused by a faulty appliance)

In this case, we would pay your claim, and then seek reimbursement from the other party. The decision to pursue the responsible party or parties would depend on the circumstances surrounding the loss, the laws in your state, and your policy provisions.

During the Subrogation process, we will work to recover the damages from the responsible party or parties. Damages may involve costs paid by you and the insurance company. Costs paid by you usually means your deductible, but could include amounts over your policy limits not paid by your insurance company. This would depend on the laws in your state and the specific circumstances surrounding the loss.

The subrogation process is a lengthy process that can take months or in some cases years.

A thorough review of the facts of investigation is done to determine liability and damages.  Keep in mind that often times liability is not clear cut. In some cases, more than one party may be partially responsible. Dependent on the laws in your state, the involved parties may share responsibility for payment of damages. For example, one party may be 40% responsible, and the other party may be 60% responsible. In this situation,  each company pays their respective portion of the claim.

In all cases, your participation and cooperation with us in the investigation phase of the claim process is important.   Your assistance can help to establish important facts, and preserve evidence, and may help to accelerate the recovery process. Throughout the claim process, it is important that you do not take any actions that might waive your rights to recovery.  Your insurance policy explains your rights and duties, so please be familiar with them.

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